Welcome to Safe Haven Security, Inc the premier alarm and security system sales and service organization in North Carolina.  At Safe Haven Security, Inc we turn your home into a safe haven, a place of protection where you are shielded from the evil elements of the world that threaten your family’s safety, security and peace of mind.  With over 40 years combined industry experience of our licensed staff we create solutions that place the value of your family above the mere protection of replaceable items.

At Safe Haven Security, Inc don’t expect your ordinary run of the mill alarm company that places profit before professionalism.  Our desire is to give you the most comprehensive and enjoyable experience while finding unsurpassed value and incredible pricing.  We are not a one size fits all bundled solution; you didn’t purchase the same home as everyone else, so why should your security needs be limited to the same bundled solutions all the other security companies offer?

You are an individual with unique needs and we listen to those needs and combine it with a 30 point security needs analysis that assures you have real security and not just a sense of security based on a salesman selling you the sizzle to drive up the price while overlooking the real aspects that make you safe.

At Safe Haven Security, Inc we give you the small town treatment by treating you like a neighbor and not just another billable client.  Don’t you and your family deserve the best?

Give us a call today.  You will be glad you did.  1-877-964-9482